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Dave Ross earned the title of World Champion of Public Speaking. He brings World Champion excellence to your business, conference or special event. Keynote addresses focus on Team Building, Leadership, Communication. Let him inspire and motivate in a way that is unique and memorable. If you would like to learn more about how Dave Ross can help you reach excellence, contact us.

Team Building

We know it's easier to want a successful team than to have a successful team. This is why we have a unique approach toward making a group of individuals become a solid team. After you register, a training schedule will be designed for you based on your current ability as well as your strengths and weaknesses. It does not matter what your learning speed is, Dave Ross and his associates are patient enough to help you along until you are confident you can see results.


Dave Ross and his associates are highly experienced, have great communication skills, and a background with students at many different levels. Long term results are best achieved throuh a customized and focused coaching. Excellence is almost never an accident. 


I have heard Dave Ross speak and train many times. I continue to be captivated when I listen to him. He captures the audience with such ease. He certainly fits the phrase, When Dave Ross speaks, …
Jayne Benkendorf

Dave is an amazing, multi-talented, and solid leader, coach and mentor. His singluar presence will positively impact any and all that comes in contact with this extrodinary Giver. Dave will add value…

Thomas Fiordelisi

I heard Dave for the first time a couple of months ago and saw a gifted speaker captivate the audience! He is very engaging and has a group who would follow his orders anywhere! I hope you can …

Cheryl Ginnings


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All services
Presentations, Facilitation, Coaching

Presentations, Facilitation, Coaching

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